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Zero by Catalano
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This anniversary comes in a particular moment in the company history; in a scenario of crisis and uncertainty, Catalano pursues its constant drive for technological and quality experimentation leading to economic and resources raise up.
Among the novelties to celebrate this important anniversary, there are new finishes for Zero range, Zero 125 double washbasin and new wall-hung WC and bidet.
Zero, with its unmistakable versatile square matrix, is designed to suit different kind of installation: wall-hung, semi inset or sit on washbasins, traditional or back-to wall WCs and bidets.
Starting from a constant feature – 50 cm depth - Zero system is comprised of several versions: ZeroDomino range, with a comfortable counter, ZeroTondo range with soft lines and ZeroNero, an elegant total-black version.

Architect Carlo Martino, Catalano’s brand art director, says: "The late 90s was a very significant moment: on one hand, big companies had an attitude of fear that did not help the market; on the other side, the market of renovating grew up. At the same time, the aesthetic and formal canons began to introduce the first minimalist, square and rectangular shapes.
To get the final design of Zero, Catalano worked with rectangular shapes, trying to characterize them to the maximum: a rough-edge outline, with soft and rounded inner surface. This “conflict” was the point pf strength of Zero and imposed it immediately as a “breaking element”, maintaining anyway an innate elegance in comparison with other masterpieces of the same period. "
"The second revolution was the high level of industrial innovation achieved through the use of a single product to meet several needs. Before Zero, there were different typologies of washbasin: inset, semi inset, lay on, under the countertop, and so on. Zero summarized them into a single product. This revolutionary concept represented the true versatility of this item, which in later years became an icon and a reference for the whole international sector. Zero represents the perfect balance among typological, technological and morphological innovation, such as a historical milestone of design."
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