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Harmony of light and architecture

Zedge, Zeno
By Editorial Staff -
Targetti has participated in the project

Targetti presents two new additions: Zedge, developed in close cooperation with Daniel Stromborg from Gensler, and Zeno. Zedge step lights have been specifically designed to provide designers with what they need, without interfering with their plans. These lights are remarkably small (only 63.5x63.5 mm), but come in an extensive range of finishings. The minimalist design ensures a discreet look, perfect to fit harmoniously in all settings, indoors and outdoors. Zedge was designed in three versions, each with its own frame that produces different light effects. They use low power, high efficiency LEDs that can be in two color temperatures: 3,000 K and 4,000 K. As these are low voltage, the lights are ideal for use in damp areas, such as a spa or a pool. Zeno is another new addition, a range of professional LED spotlights that, despite being thin, still achieve optimal heat dissipation. The two finishings, the two sizes, the two types of installation (track and wall) and the numerous optics make Zeno exceptionally flexible, including a Narrow Spot option with a sharp, slender beam. Zeno is compact, with the supporting rod integrated into the body of the light to create a balanced, proportional look. Zedge and Zeno are part of the Light of Marble exhibition promoted by IMM (International Marble and Machinery) and organized as part of Space & Interiors, which is connected to the Milan furniture fair (Salone del Mobile). The exhibition is entirely lit by Targetti and will take place in The Mall, in Milan’s Porta Nuova district. It will also include Logico, a new linear lighting system by Targetti, and Durastrip Emotions, a collection of strip LEDs under Targetti’s Duralamp brand that was developed in conjunction with Gensler. The lighting for the exhibition suggestively highlights eight marble objects created by an equal number of companies and designers. Logico defines the entrance, with a “blade of light”, providing a solution that is both technical and decorative. Inside, Zeno is used to illuminate and exalt the works, while Durastrip Emotions light the lounge areas and social tables. Zedge has also been integrated into a specific marble work to foreground its expressive potential.

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