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ZBook G8 Mobile

Power and Working on the Go with a Flexible, Customized Workspace

ZBook G8 Mobile
By Editorial Staff -
HP has participated in the project

The Zbook G8 Mobile range is designed to guarantee optimum performance everywhere, regardless of workload, seamlessly clicking from 3D design to video editing, all while working remotely with others and enjoying the exceptional color precision. This is HP’s response to the need of professional creators and designers to have flexible workstations that nonetheless provide pro-grade performance in a
ultra-slim design that can be used
anywhere, without compromising.

The new line has three options, ZBook Studio G8, ZBook Fury G8 and ZBook Power G8, with the latter specifically focused on STEAM students, although also providing an excellent option for architects and directors of works (for documentation, planning, 3D data and 2D blueprints).
ZBook Studio G8 is the most powerful model and, because of its size, it is suited to creating renderings and projects on the go, without ever losing site of the basic idea that the purpose of such a computer is to stimulate the creativity of the user. This goal was pursued by including 3D live display for images and providing technology to improve collaboration in any environment, such as ensuring users get crisp audio with automatic blocking of unwanted sounds to have an “office” anywhere one needs to work. This creation of a customized work environment is also evident in the ZBook Fury G8 models, in 15” and 17” versions, which provide the same computing performance as desktop models, but in a slim, elegant design. With up to 128 GB of memory, these machines can create projects, renderings and simulations.
The new ZBook G8 workstations make this a more powerful lineup, but within a paradigm of sustainability by using metals and plastic that can be recycled. Plus, thanks to HP Security Suite, data is kept safe and secure with an anti-intrusion system. “Professional creators want an experience that is able to adapt to different ways of working” is an idea that is very clear to Andrea Moi, Category Manager Lead Personal Systems Italia. The  ZBook G8 range guarantees “access to the versatility needed to transform your creativity into reality”.

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