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Yoku Spa

Combing a Sauna, Turkish Bath and Shower into a Single Home Wellness Experience

Yoku Spa
By Redazione The Plan -
Effe has participated in the project

New formulas are being introduced for ancient traditions to provide new options to exploit the potential of heat and water. This is the essence of the new wellness system from Effe Perfect Wellness by Effegibi, a focused project to bring together, in a single place, the original, authentic experience of a sauna and a Turkish bath in a modern setting that fits superbly with the intimacy of a home or the luxury of a hotel suite or resort. Conceived by designer Marco Williams Fagioli and unveiled at Supersalone in Milan, the new Yoku Spa is the natural evolution and extension of the previous Yoku Sh, a true, customized personal home wellness system built around a large central shower. One of the key developments in the latest version is to move beyond the concept of combining the shower and the Turkish bath, to provide two separate spaces for two different moments in the wellness ritual. The circular shower head has a diameter of 30 cm and the system includes a stylized hand-held shower head that is integrated into the wall. The shower has been designed to be door free for ease of access, while the sauna has two benches, and the Turkish bath a single bench.

The origins of this system in Yoku Sh are also evident in the glass front being set back slightly and extending a total of 4.44 m across the front. The glass itself is a tempered bronze smoked glass that is 8 mm thick and it is possible to add outer shelves made with oxidized steel. The high-performance natural wood structural panels are another aspect taken from the previous reincarnation, available in various different finishings: natural wood slats in the sauna in three varieties of heat-treated Aspen, heat-treated solid wood and Canaletto walnut, and stoneware cladding for the Turkish bath and shower (in the Calacatta Gold Extra and Fior di Bosco Tortora shades).

The rhythmic architectural spacing of wood, with slender pieces rising up to 2.14 m, creates a sensation of being immersed in a forest and this has a profoundly positively impact on the three rituals of water and heat wellness. This effect is also the essence of the name. This inspiration comes from a specific branch of Japanese natural medicine called shinrin-yoku (or forest bathing), a process that involves deep immersion in a pristine environment to enjoy a number of beneficial effects, from lowering anxiety levels to improving breathing and relaxation.

Needless to say, all of the materials are environmentally friendly and none of the wood comes from deforestation.

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