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X-Change Acoustic Booths

Changing Workspaces, from Cooperation to Tranquility

X-Change Acoustic Booths
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

Versatility, comfort and productivity are more interlinked than ever. In the search for ever increasing flexibility, work areas have been mutated into large open-plan spaces that foster increased exchange and improved interaction, and even home environments have been converted into smart workstations. Such dynamics were the driving force for X-Change, a new system of soundproofed booths from Quadrifoglio Group. In an office built around open planning, such small or medium-sized islands are becoming increasingly essential for those moments when intense concentration or momentary calm are fundamental.
But such insulation does not mean complete isolation or being totally closed off from the working surrounds. It is about providing that momentary silence needed for an important call, those short periods of intense working alone or even small meetings.

These booths come in assorted sizes, from
1x1 to 3x4 m, with multiple intermediate options. The sound performance of these spaces draws on consolidated technologies, as proven in previous studies and used in the XW partition walls collection.

The extruded aluminum load-bearing frame with a rapid structural fastening system can come in a transparent version, with double or single soundproofed glazing, or a solid version, with composite wood panels finished with a decorative paper treated with a scratch-proof melamine resin, lacquer or wood veneer. The solid options and ceilings can be supplied upholstered in Trevira acoustic fabric in different colors.

For the smaller booths, the ventilation system is controlled from the device on the ceiling, but for the larger ones, a control panel is located on the panels. In line with the group’s low environmental impact philosophy, all of the X-Change panels are made of 100% recycled wood, whereas the resins used for the panels and the melamine coating are totally free of toxic substances.

Depending on the specific requirements, the booths can be equipped with benches, chairs, small tables, shelves and even whiteboards. The new series provides another welcome addition to the extensive product range already offered by this Treviso-based company, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. It is a solution that once again combines planning and esthetic requirements, with the option to customize the booths according to the individual tasks and the differing needs for interaction.

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