Parklex facade: Wood on the outside too
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Parklex facade: Wood on the outside too

Parklex facade: Wood on the outside too
By Editorial Staff -
Parklex has participated in the project

Parklex Façade is a high-density stratified panel system designed and produced for exterior ventilated façades. It provides the warmth and aesthetics of natural wood to exposed surfaces while guaranteeing long-term resistance to the elements (sun, humidity etc.). At artificial ageing testing, practically all Parklex Façade finishes showed twice the resistance required by the European standards.
The panel core comprises kraft paper treated with resins thermoset under high pressure and temperature while the natural wood outer veneer has been rendered highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents. The system is completed with two additional overlays that provide further protection to the surface veneer. The first, Everlook, is a specially developed film designed to extend the life of natural wood in all climate conditions, and improve colourfastness. The second is an anti-graffiti PVDF film that makes panel cleaning easier and especially, creates a barrier preventing the absorption of sprays and similar products commonly used by graffiti “artists”.
Parklex Façade is highly versatile being suitable for a wide range of applications and designer requirements. The basic 7-shade smooth colour range (Ambra, Antra, Copper, Gold, Onix, Quartz and Rubi) has now been extended with the new Silver hue. In addition, the Everlook overlay gives all shades high-performance resistance to tone changes over time.
Once mounted on the external facing, Parklex Façade forms 8 mm horizontal and vertical joint widths. There are four different mounting systems: screws or rivets that are either exposed or concealed by caps; a series of invisible hooks, and adhesive mounting. While Parklex panels are flat and stiff, they also allow for some bending to meet design requirements.


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