WINNER, Home Efficiency Special Contest, THE PLAN AWARD 2020
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WINNER - Home Efficiency Special Contest -THE PLAN AWARD 2020

WINNER, Home Efficiency Special Contest, THE PLAN AWARD 2020
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THE PLAN is pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions selected by the jury of the 2020 Home Efficiency & Technology Special Contest, organized in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric as part of THE PLAN Award.


Piraccini + Potente Architettura

The project achieves significant balance in the way the architecture sits within its setting and in its system of façades, which focus suitable attention on the building envelope, the interior meeting spaces, and the exterior volumes. The way services have been integrated into the design is the product of an ongoing pursuit of a harmonious relationship between technology, architecture, and the perception of the exterior space.
The project can therefore be regarded as a benchmark for contemporary builds within established urban settings, demonstrating how the culture of technology is a key element of the architectural idea.
The attention given to integrating highly energy efficient services into the architecture is obvious, with the balanced use of renewable sources producing zero CO2 emissions.

Honorable Mention
AAND Company

The project is notable for the way it successfully applies a sustainable approach to a small build through the use of technological and architectural solutions that are particularly innovative, especially as regards new digital technologies and IoT.

Honorable Mention
Eifler & Associates, Architects

The restoration of Ross House, designed by the young Frank Lloyd Wright, testifies to the importance of restoring modern buildings, not just for their architectural significance but also as an opportunity to update their energy use profile, services, and, therefore, sustainability.
In terms of energy efficiency in the restoration of historical buildings, the choice of systems used in this project is particularly worthy of mention.


LineaT studio

The careful composition of simple volumes, which open and close upon the landscape, demonstrates – including through the section – the enormous care taken to create a relationship and dialogue with the surrounding landscape, from which the building draws its sources of renewable energy and on which the correct floor-to-window ratios are based. The choice of mainly dry construction techniques reveals the care taken to use traditional local building methods. The technological and innovative solutions used to achieve energy efficiency are significant, in particular given that the project concerns the redevelopment and extension of an existing building.

Honorable Mention

Torres Arquitetos

The modulating grid of the façade creates a series of covered balconies that, through a rhythmic sequence of full and empty spaces, exterior and interior spaces, breaks up, articulates, and dematerializes the building’s volume. The project demonstrates a remarkable awareness of technology and innovation to create a residential building distinguished by excellent energy efficiency and multiple, skillfully combined measures to achieve environmental sustainability.

Honorable Mention

Studio Marco Piva

The project is an important urban and architectural landmark in the city of Milan, featuring a system of screens that punctuates the building with a shifting sequence of covered balconies and terraces. In its painstaking description of the services to be installed, the project showcases some of the most advanced technologies currently available for energy saving and emission reduction. All these elements have made the project a benchmark for sustainability, on the Italian and Milanese real estate markets in particular.

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