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Wing by Regiolux

Wing by Regiolux
By Editorial Staff -
The luminaire with domed secondary reflector akin to the form of a wing creates a pleasantly peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. It is therefore highly suit-able for care homes and homes for the elderly, waiting zones, hotel corridors, schools, offices and administration areas as well as for use in large-area retail spaces. The trick: the direct beam characteristic can be finely differentiated thanks to various diffuser materials in order to fulfill the different viewing tasks in a space or building. The range covers very gentle, opal-diffuse light and also a harder, more targeted light created for example with the louvre version for receptions in doctors' practices, laboratories or hotel receptions. Lumen output can of course also be regulated with dimmable versions.

The Wing recessed luminaire also offers flexibility in terms of arrangement of the fluorescent lamps and length dimensions, and can be simply integrated into system ceilings with 625 x 625 and 600 x 600 module sizes. The housing in addition is also suitable for visible T rail systems, for concealed symmetric systems and cut-out ceilings. In all cases the luminaire loosens up the appearance of the ceiling to give it its own unique sense of structure.
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