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Well-being and Air Quality

WindFree™ Air Conditioners
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Samsung’s pursuit of a pleasant, enjoyable breath of clean, fresh air across a room was the driving force behind their research into a range of cutting-edge smart air conditioners that offer the ultimate in air comfort. At the same time, this range can be used in a plethora of environments, including living rooms, master or children’s bedrooms in private homes, offices and open spaces in hospitality and service industry facilities. A solution exists for any space. WindFreeTM air conditioners are built to guarantee comfort and quality thanks to thousands of micro-holes through which the air is gently, uniformly and quickly diffused into the surrounding space, removing the perennial conditioner problem of annoying with direct drafts of cold air.

WindFreeTM Pure 1.0 Courtesy Samsung Electronics

WindFreeTM Pure 1.0 is the latest addition to WindFreeTM, epitomizing the range’s love of new additions and technology. It has an electrostatic PM 1.0 filter for high quality air purification. The filter can trap ultra-fine particulate matter as small as 0,3 μm, while the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) can remove and eliminate different types of bacteria. Moreover, the air quality is monitored in real time using a smart laser sensor. This sensor can monitor air quality in the room and show it on the advanced display of the WindFreeTM Pure 1.0 unit. The SmartThings app and voice commands can then be used not only to monitor the room remotely, but also to activate or deactivate the purification function, turn the unit on or off and easily manage everything on this connected smart product. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of WindFreeTM Pure 1.0 is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to recognize user habits and to suggest accordingly the most suitable usage factoring in external temperature and humidity.

Cassetta 4 vie WindFreeTM Courtesy Samsung Electronics

The WindFreeTM range has a series of models, providing solutions for installations in residential buildings and shops and business blocks. WindFreeTM technology can be used on both wall-mounted units, which are best for apartments and private homes, and in 1-way and 4-way Cassettes that are more suited to larger retail and office spaces. The latter two solutions stand out for just how slender they are, making them almost disappear and creating an easy option for installation in hotels, stores and showrooms, or even in an office location as a furnishing element. On the topic of design, Samsung has risen to the need for real design solutions for such spaces with 360Cassette, whose name comes from both its circular nozzle and its ability to uniformly diffuse air into every corner of the room. It can have customized screen-printing on its panels and it comes in two colors (black and white) and two shapes (circular and square) so it is possible to find the perfect match for any internal furnishing solution.


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