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By Editorial Staff -
Samsung Electronics has participated in the project

Samsung’s Wind-Free technology eliminates unwanted direct airflow, keeping an environment pleasantly at the set temperature and improving well-being in the home or office, even for houses with young kids or air conditioning units in bedrooms. The system adopts a double approach in which a room is initially cooled rapidly using more traditional technology before automatically switching to Wind-Free to keep the temperature constant by delivering a very gentle air current through thousands of micro-holes. The Wind-Free range has various units: wall-mounted, 1-way cassette and 4-way cassette (in mini and standard versions). Ideal for the home or office, the wall unit has a triangular design and disperses air through 21,000 micro-holes spread across the unit. It comes in options from 2 to 7.1 kW, in Split and Multi-split units. The minimalist 1-way cassette option is thin, making it ideal for hotels, shops and showrooms, to mention but a few options. It comes in options from 1.7 to 7.1 kW and disperses air through 10,500 micro-holes on the unit’s fascia panel. The elegant, innovatively functional 4-way cassette is ideal for offices and other commercial uses. It comes in options from 1.5 up to 14 kW, depending on whether it is the standard (90x90 cm with 15,700 micro-holes) or mini version (62x62 cm with 9,000 micro-holes). Airflow can be optimized by remotely adjusting the angle of the individual blades. Both versions of the 4-way cassette model have an optional innovative sensor to regulate automatically, based on the number of people in the room, turning the unit on or off, and the angle of the individual blades. Wind-Free technology has innovative features and devices, including “Good Sleep”, which alters the temperature depending on the stage in your sleep cycle, or “Spi Air Purifier”, which uses an Easy Filter to trap dust, viruses and allergens. Additionally, the SmartThings™ App allows you to control your unit remotely with your smartphone, to always have a fresh, comfortable room and significant energy savings.

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