Wi-Fi timer thermostat and the Pixel modular entrance panel
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Wi-Fi timer thermostat and the Pixel modular entrance panel

Wi-Fi timer thermostat and the Pixel modular entrance panel
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Vimar sees technological innovation as the key to meeting the demands of users. As the market becomes more informed and discerning, innovation is at the basis of the drive to find solutions that produce savings while improving safety, security and comfort for sophisticated design products that remain easy to use. As Vimar seeks solutions for numerous requirements, the common denominators are quality, technology and versatility.
This timer thermostat with integrated Wi-Fi can be used to control the temperature of a room remotely, using App By-clima, an easy to configure and manage app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Wi-Fi timer thermostat can be used with any type of heating or cooling system and includes advanced functions such as internal sensor calibration (where the precise, timely measuring of temperature is used to ensure the ideal temperature in every part of the house) and Ecometer, which helps ensure informed energy use by making sure the temperature does not rise above the comfort zone. Menu shortcuts provide direct access to key functions, such as the “exit” feature that automatically drops the temperature to a pre-set level or the “economy” mode, which reduces the set-point to the desired level. The large touchscreen display is very sensitive, with white backlighting, to ensure operation is simple when in manual mode. The minimalist design means it fits into just about any residential setting.
Pixel is a modular entrance panel for a video intercom from Elvox. Characterised by a slim, linear design, it is highly resistant and extremely versatile - the size makes it a good option even for small spaces - without losing any sophistication of performance. The heart of Pixel is the audio or audio/video module. It has an inbuilt function for the hearing impaired and four buttons in two rows with LED lighting. The unit can be expanded to up to 9 modules, meaning 84 buttons. The wide-angle camera has 525 TVL recording resolution and the self-regulating LED lighting adjusts to the ambient light to ensure the person at the door can be seen clearly, without shady areas. An LCD 3.5” colour display can be added, offering optimal vision even with backlighting and the option of storing up to 6,400 names in the address book for internal units, which can be consulted using the intuitive menu. Pixel comes in a standard version (IP54 protection rating) in grey, black, anodised grey and white, and in a Heavy version (IK10 and IP54 protection ratings), with a sable grey finish.


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