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Elegance and Sophistication

White Tulip
By Editorial Staff -

White Tulip by Duravit is the first complete bathroom series by designer Philippe Starck, including bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, bidets, furniture and mirrors, right down to faucets. The entire collection is inspired by the organic shape of a blooming tulip, combining an almost sculptured sensation with a delicate essence. Ergonomically designed, White Tulip products fit seamlessly into countless different decorative styles, from a loft in Manhattan to the natural ambience of a country house.

The single-piece, freestanding washbasins can come with an opening for a wall or a floor connection. The wash bowl and furniture washbasin have the same rounded, tulip-inspired shape with a slightly outwardly sloping edge, a design feature that is repeated in the two rectangular washbasins, which include a furniture version. The final piece in this collection is the handrinse basin, once again also in a furniture version.

The toilets and bidets come in both wall-mounted and floor-standing models. The suspended toilets use Duravit’s innovative new HygieneFlush technology to ensure the toilet bowl remains extra clean and HygieneGlaze antibacterial ceramic glaze. The freestanding bathtub with seamless acrylic cladding comes in two options: oval (1,800x800 mm or 1,600x900 mm) or circular (diameter of 1,400 mm).

The furnishing accessories have the same sophisticated, elegant style as the ceramic products. The furniture units, which can be ordered in widths from 350 to 1,300 mm, have a special, hand-crafted rounded edge. The semi-tall cabinets and vanity units, with two or three glass shelves, come in five matt and five gloss finishes. The front can be in an optional solid wood solution in walnut or oak. The chrome handles are an optional accessory that creates a charming contrast with the matt and wood surfaces, while accentuating the gloss finishes. The illuminated, matching mirrors come in four different options - three rectangular and one square - in sensor and app versions. In the latter, the color temperature can be adjusted using an app, which can also be used to control the lights framing the mirror and the mirror heating system that prevents fogging up. The faucets round out this collection, with the tulip providing the inspiration for the levers and reflecting the shape of the washbasins and bathtubs.

The faucets come in S, M and XL solutions. There are also options for bidets, showers and bathtubs.

“I have always created designs for Duravit”, explained Philippe Starck, “that were extremely purist, minimalist and timeless. After a while, I realized that this perfection was missing a parameter: a kind of feeling, a sort of positive nostalgia. White Tulip could be an old piece that should be modern, or a new piece that brings back memories”.

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