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Material Elegance Meets Functionality

Wallcoverings and Upholstery Fabrics
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Vescom has participated in the project

Surfaces serve both as a canvas for creative expression and as a means of giving character to a space, striking a delicate balance between artistic vision and functionality. This ethos and philosophy is embodied in Vescom’s distinctive wallcoverings, upholstery and drapery fabrics. With meticulous craftsmanship at its core, Vescom’s products not only evoke a predominantly handcrafted ambiance, but also excel in fulfilling their intended purpose, embodying a perfect blend of esthetics and practicality. A wide range of materials, textures and colors are the cornerstones of this approach, complemented by stringent quality standards, ease of maintenance, impact resistance and fire retardant properties. 

Vescom’s products are used in the global contract market, particularly in the hospitality, retail, office and education sectors. In an effort to enhance the comfort and well-being of interiors, the company has pioneered technologies that integrate different fabrics and materials so as to increase the sustainability of its solutions. At the heart of this development is what the company calls “sustainable materialogy”, which fuses upholstery fabrics, wallcoverings and draperies made from recycled raw materials in such a way that each material retains its own identity even when integrated.

Rivestimenti murali e tessuti per arredamento Palette materiche e cromatiche, courtesy Vescom

Vescom has inaugurated two new showrooms in order to really allow planners, architects and designers to fully engage with its products. Located in Seligenstadt, near Frankfurt am Main, and in Paris, both spaces have been meticulously designed by interior designer Bas van Tol. The first showroom offers a curated experience with an impressive display of 5,000 product samples, showing possible combinations and giving visitors plenty of inspiration for their own interior projects. As soon as you enter, you are immediately struck by the diversity of the palette, a feature that links this space in the Rhine-Main area to its counterpart in Paris. Located on Rue des Rennes, the second showroom is a calm retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the material richness of the fabrics, ranging from cotton to linen, and from silk to technical yarns. The showroom also highlights the potential combinations made possible by Vescom’s sustainable materialogy, inviting exploration and creativity.

Here you can discover, among other things, the potential of Vescom Protect, a vinyl wallcovering that offers a high level of protection against viruses, bacteria and stains. Such coverings can be easily disinfected, but their composition ensures that the color and esthetics are maintained.    

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