Wall rupture - Light meets matter
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Wall rupture - Light meets matter

Wall rupture - Light meets matter
By Editorial Staff -
Flos has participated in the project

Soft Architecture is the new Flos collection - an environmentally friendly virtuoso system pooling architecture, light, technology and design.
Out of research came an innovative material, super-light, resistant, durable, certified “Cradle to Cradle”: Soft Architecture, a versatile collection, the components of which are designed to fit into various architectural contexts, both public and private. The broad gamut of basic components made to house recessed luminaires is enriched by architect- or designer-products exploring the technical and expressive scope of this new material. The resulting collection mixes effects with allure, as light meets matter.
Wall Rupture is one of the Soft Architecture options. The brainchild of designer Thierry Dreyfus, it owes something to the Hommage table in which Dreyfus explored the potential of matter penetrated by light. Wallrupture is a lamp but equally a rent in matter, a rupture filled with light, a luminous sculpture penetrating the wall and becoming architecture.
Wall Rupture has two finishes: gold and silver, and, like all the Soft Architecture range, it uses LED powered lighting units.


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