W80 - A new era for partition walls in working spaces
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W80 - A new era for partition walls in working spaces

W80 - A new era for partition walls in working spaces
By Editorial Staff -
Tecno has participated in the project

Since the 1950s, Tecno has been manufacturing design furniture for offices, houses and public spaces. 

Tecno’s approach of working with different designers and then drawing on its own craft and industrial expertise has ensured a long line of technologically advanced products at the forefront of trends and technologies. Its furniture is versatile and streamlined, but also constantly changing, especially through the work done at the in-house R&D centre (Centro Progetti Tecno).  

The company’s philosophy places real importance on keeping a careful, close eye on how lifestyles and approaches to work are changing, on how workspaces are being used and on the consequences of such developments for users. Tecno manufactures both a standard range (although versatility and customisation are always central concepts) and custom-made pieces, ensuring all design requirements are covered. 

Partition walls are an essential feature for any workspace. They must both divide and allow communication. They must be aesthetically appealing and provide appropriate soundproofing. And they need to provide shelving for materials and equipment, without reducing the flexibility in how a space is laid out. 

Tecno has been making partition walls since the 1960s. Over time, it has developed and improved its products, right up to the latest offering: W80. 

The Centro Progetti Tecno worked with the architect Daniele Del Missier and Elliot Engineering & Consulting to develop an earlier wall - Light - that was specifically for small and medium-sized spaces. 

W80 is concieved for major buildings, especially as it is specifically designed to accommodate all types of technology. Plus, the crystal sections can be combined to great effect with a range of other material options - plasterboard, glass, wood, metal, fabric or leather.  

The engineering is such that the walls can truly be fitted with numerous elements - shelves, containers, screens and much more - and thus they are suited to most workplaces, regardless of the structural and acoustic requirements, the need to customise a space and the desire for flexibility. 

W80 is another wonderful combination of technical performance and design, as can be clearly deduced from its development leading to the filing of 5 industrial patents and the awarding of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Design Award.



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