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Vitrium Series

Different Shapes for Small Spaces

Vitrium Series
By Editorial Staff -
Duravit has participated in the project

When Duravit recently decided to add the Vitrium range of bathroom accessories to its Artisan Lines catalog, it turned to designer Christian Werner – a long-time partner of the company – and gave him the freedom to experiment with different shapes using durable materials while maintaining a compact esthetic.
The collection is partly aimed at furnishing even the smallest spaces, so these washbasins, vanity units and consoles are in keeping with the efficiency and practicality that have become synonymous with the German brand’s products. Werner’s creative vision is underpinned by a desire to make the bathroom a “comfortable retreat”, so he chose muted colors, tactile surfaces and a minimalist design for Vitrium, using the juxtaposition of soft and sharp lines where necessary to create novel combinations.

Linea Vitrium Courtesy Duravit


The vanity units are the undisputed protagonists of this series, characterized by shallow depths and rigorous lines that can be used to produce dynamic contrasts – when flanked by sinuous washbasins – or to maintain an elegant geometric rigor. Depending on one’s needs and desired style, the unit can be crowned with a round above-counter washbasin that protrudes slightly from the furniture, or an integrated C-bonded rectangular version of the basin, available in different sizes and perfectly integrated into the cabinet. Both options are made with DuroCast UltraResist, an innovative mineral composite material developed and manufactured in Duravit plants, which features a matte surface that is low-porous, scratch-resistant and velvety to the touch thanks to an additional layer of lacquer. The units are made of PEFC/04-31-2357 certified wood and are surrounded by metal frames in white or anthracite.

The consoles can also be customized with fronts in bilaminate, available in different finishes and colors, or in semi-transparent Parsol glass with backlighting, ideal when a light, floating effect is desired. The Vitrium furniture range is complemented by pedestals in various sizes and mirrors – round or rectangular, depending on the chosen design – and mirror cabinets, including built-in solutions. For the latter, the same metal frames can be used as for the units, for a consistent and coordinated style.

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