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VitrA PRO Nature
By Editorial Staff -

VitrA has created Nature Collection including porcelain and wall tiles by blending tiles expertise with the inspiration they took from nature. The innovative series are independent from time, concept and trends by enriching basic construction materials such as marble, stone, wood, concrete and ceramics with different size, color, surface, pattern and tiling options. VitrA presents various cues for creating both commercial and living spaces including residences, restaurants, malls, airports and hotels. The new PRO Nature Catalogue presents a visually enriched catalogue with a more professional system based on materials and focus on inspirational atmosphere rather than single products.

Inspiring Material: Wood
PERA: A ceramic series creating a totally original atmosphere just as Istanbul, the enchanting city giving its name to the series. Pera reflects the blend of power and sensitivity to spaces. Order and permanent attraction of wooden veins, excellent contrast between black and white, and relief patterns reminding the designs from the past serve to add a sense of timelessness to the modern life.
Basic Size: 20x120 cm
Décor: 20x120 cm

BRITISH STONE: A new ceramic series that brings the positive energy and relaxing effect of natural stone to spaces. British Stone creates a powerful effect in spaces by combining natural stone look with natural hues.
Basic size: 60x120 - 60x60 - 20x120 - 30x60 – 45x90 cm
Border Sizes: 30x30 - 8.5x60 cm

WOODMIX: A ceramic series combining state of the art porcelain technology with natural matt wooden look. A perfect choice for architects and interior designers with its oxidized natural and variable wood shades. The series comes with wood pattern variations in order to give a full natural look. Especially the whitish creme color option is an ideal substitute to trending up Scandinavian Nordic wood.
Basic Size: 20-30x120 cm
Decors: 30x60 cm

MIXCRETE: Mixcrete tiles collection recalls the memories of relaxing, airy and cheerful indoor atmosphere of coastal houses with its painted wood-look. Earth inspired natural color tones have subtle variations and are slightly refined to give a modern impact.
Basic Size: 45x90 – 22,5x90 – 15x90 cm
Decors: 11,25x90 cm

Inspiring material: Stone
TECH-SLATE: A stone texture ceramic tiles collection offering the opportunity to use rich shades of anthracite and gray with striking surface textures. The collection is also enriched with shapes inspired by geometry like hexagonal and diagonal cuts.
Basic Size: 45x90 – 60x60 – 30x60 – 15x90 cm
Decors: 60x60 – 2x20x60 cm

MERIDIEN: A ceramic series reinterpreting natural stone texture with a modern touch. The collection offers a relaxing atmosphere with timeless cool and warm colors. The series is designed to be used in combination with marble, wood and concrete textured ceramic series.
Basic Size: 60x60 – 30x30 cm

Inspiring material: Concrete
METRO: A ceramic series bringing a sense of tranquility to spaces. The concrete texture Metro porcelain tiles offer a wide range of color, surface and size options to architects for the creation of modern buildings.
Basic Size: 45x90 – 60x60 – 30x60- 30x30 – 45x45 cm
Decors: 5x5 cm

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