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Villa Brockenhaus
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Egger has participated in the project

The Brockenhaus Villa is a 1908 art nouveau building in Frankfurt that has been turned into a venue for celebrations, conventions and conferences.
The light, spacious interiors, where wooden floors and stuccoed false ceilings and walls abound, were recently revamped as part of a major refurbishment project that included work on the acoustics and alterations to resolve a number of issues related to having such high ceilings. The interventions were essential as the reverberation time in the main hall was 3.1 seconds, well over an acceptable length for such a room.
The problem, though, was to ensure the solution both improved the acoustics and maintained the aesthetics, leading the designers to opt for Egger’s ProAcoustic panels. The customised perforations on these panels, in diagonal and linear grids, can reproduce customised designs created using a CAD or image file. The base grid for the perforations is 4 mm gaps, with 1.5 mm holes, but it is then possible to customise the hole diameter, grids and proportion of the panel covered in perforations. In the Brockenhaus Villa, W980 ST2 ProAcoustic Eurodekor panels in White Platinum were chosen, with a linear 4 mm grid and alternating hole diameters (1.5 and 2 mm). This reproduced a large-scale floral pattern. The panels were installed over an area of 12 m2, cutting the reverberation time significantly to 0.9 seconds.


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