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Vetroventilato® Windows

Vetroventilato® Windows
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How it works
1. The motorised fan (controlled by sensors) helps extract the air from the room through the bottom section. The air enters the ventilated cavity between the pane and the curtain.
2. In the ventilated cavity, the air from the room pushes out the air which has been heated by solar irradiance.
3. Now the air has reached its hottest temperature, it is expelled by the fan;
• in the summer it is conveyed directly outside the building, bringing about considerable savings in the use of air conditioning units.
• in the winter it is reintroduced into the room to heat it, working alongside traditional heating systems.
Should there be no solar irradiance, VetroVentilato® shuts down but can be reactivated to air the room, then this revolutionary system allows you to air the room without having to open the glazing. Keeping the dust, noise, heat and cold out. The environment is noticeably healthier and the discomfort typical of closed, sealed rooms becomes a thing of the past.
Make considerable savings: on average 35%+ reduction in current heating and cooling costs. With its lower energy consumption and consequent reduction in CO2 emissions, the system makes more efficient use of our dwindling natural resources and helps safeguard our precarious balance with nature. Upon request, the fan and curtain on the VetroVentilato® Windows can be powered by a small photovoltaic panel fitted directly into the window frame.

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