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Vetrina by Mosaico+

Vetrina by Mosaico+
By Redazione The Plan -
The selection of images reproduced with the mosaic tesserae bring out the rich nuances and the shaded effect that render the image evanescent and dreamy. In the softness of the representation the nuances of Vetrina merge in the photographic images in a dual level of interpretive possibilities. The Vetrina collection includes all the power of colour. The 72 solid colours, the 42 combinations and 14 blends, all perfectly compatible with the Pantone colour chart, are subtle and flexible tools that serve to unleash the creativity of architects and designers. Using geometric compositions and customised motifs reproducing images on any tile size these 4 mm-thick glass tesserae unleash all the expressive power of mosaics, lending character, life and a new artsy feel to spaces.

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