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Ceramiche Refin created Vetri, a collection with a strong material identity and innovative character, whose glossy finishing and delicate color variations emphasize light, lending its surroundings a brightness with evergreen charme. Glass is a material that offers intrinsic clarity and harmony, distinguished by its very own duplicity: transparent and matt, fragile and at the same time sturdy. A study of this material led to the creation of the Vetri ceramic tile collection. Backed by the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies, Refin has developed its own research which is expressed in the creation of original surfaces with a notable innovative personality. Vetri is a collection with a strong identity: the delicate color variations that mark the edges create a surface with an unprecedented depth and an elegant geometrical mesh. The glossy finishing reflects and emphasizes light, lending its surroundings a brightness with evergreen charm. Almost immaterial spaces, where the surface is expressed through a highly distinctive visual lightness and natural hues: from pure Bianco, to authentic Acqua and Naturale, and also the more saturated and contemporary shades of Fumé and Bronzo. The sophisticated palette and multiple sizes available allow the utmost freedom of design The ceramic surfaces of the Vetri line combine the intrinsic clarity and aesthetic harmony typical of glass with the incomparable technical performances of porcelain stoneware tiles, for safe and long-lasting use in living spaces.

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