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1 October 2019

Vero is a new wood-look stoneware collection inspired by the beauty of large boards of solid oak rich in knots, flaws and putty-filled cavities. Produced in the large 22.5x180 cm and 20x120 cm sizes, it is available in the Naturale, Rovere, Castagno and Quercia colours. Vero is a “rediscovered classic”, which evokes a material featuring exquisite workmanship, handplaning and sharp differences in colour. It is the ideal solution for those seeking a material of great beauty, which reproduces the inspiration material to perfection, but with all the strength, convenience and versatility typical of porcelain stoneware. This new wood-look stoneware is manufactured using a latest-generation production technology that becomes a real aid to creation and provides an astonishing aesthetic result: high-resolution scanning and state-of-the-art digital technologies provide a continuous flow of colour with more vibrant, intense shades. A new technique that mates the patterning with the structure reproduces knots and vein patterns with extreme realism. The use of glossy and matt inks precisely paired with the structure pattern gives the product a very natural look, emphasising the flaws and peculiarities typical of the inspiration material. The interplays of light and shade on the surface are a special characteristic of this new wood-look stoneware: when the product is viewed against the light, its structure becomes clear even before we touch it. The perfect correspondence between pattern and structure makes this product extremely “life-like” in both visual and tactile terms. Vero is a perfect stoneware for indoor and outdoor use, in both residential and contract projects, thanks to its two surface variants, “waxed” and “grip”, the latter recommended for the most heavy-duty uses requiring a high anti-slip coefficient. The collection is also available in the 2 cm variant in the 40x120 cm and 60x60 cm sizes in all colours, for traditional installation using glue but also for dry installation.

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