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Venezia Materia - A new finish with roots in history and tradition


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 2 May 2013

Oikos has come up with a new range of finishes for Synua, an oversized security door with a vertical hinge. These new options - named Venezia Materia as a homage to the materials and artisan culture that typify Venice - come in six lines (armatura, frammenti, tetris, scacchiera, imperiale, infinito), offering an array of materials, designs and colour combinations. It is based on two materials: concrete and cut oak. The former, available in three finishes, is a tribute to the work and wisdom of Carlo Scarpa, the project “muse”. The latter, in six colours, recalls the poles that were once planted into the lagoon to signal mooring areas and navigable channels. The decorations encompass the eight glass colours and four enamels from the ancient glass-making tradition, the four colour combinations of the mosaics - an eternal emblem of the decorative wealth of Venetian churches - and the two brass and steel finishes that offer more structured solutions. Numerous expert local companies have been involved in the project, including Trend and Orsoni, both representing the epitome of Venetian creativity and skill. The end result is a charming new product that combines memory, craftsmanship and a love for detail. It is these elements that allow this tradition to be transposed successfully into a contemporary language.


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