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Urban Finishes for large surfaces

Urban Finishes for large surfaces
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With Urban - a new surface finish for its full-thickness sintered stone slabs designed for extensive surfaces like façades, cladding, flooring and walkways - Lapitec® pays tribute to four iconic cities that have inspired so much architecture. 

Thanks to a subtle oxidation technique, the warm hues of the Brooklyn surface recall the shades of Cor-ten steel. The ash grey of the London finish echoes this city’s smoky atmosphere, the surface recreating the color and texture of London houses. The warm captivating elegance of the cream colored Rome celebrates the marble of the city’s Baroque architecture. Lastly, Casablanca recalls the pure, clear white splendor of Moroccan houses standing against the blue of sky and sea. 

The new Urban range joins the seven surface finishes already available to further extend Lapitec’s creative versatility while ensuring the mechanical and aesthetic excellence of sintered stone.

Coming in three calibrated thicknesses - 12, 20 and 30 mm - the large format slabs (3,365x1,500 mm) present no color differences between production batches, guaranteeing aesthetically pleasing surfaces however extensive, even if installed at different times. Highly acid, alkali, scratch and abrasion resistant, Lapitec® is unaltered by UV rays, as well as simple to clean and maintain.

Now with some eight finishes, Lapitec® meets a range of requirements from kitchen worktops, bathroom and other indoor floors and walls, interior and outer paving, outdoor cladding, swimming pools and exterior curtain walling. For this last application, versatile anchoring solutions provide sleek flush or projecting surfaces that will enhance any building.

Aesthetic and mechanical excellence combines with Lapitec® Bio-Care, a photocatalytic self-cleaning technology that exploits titanium dioxide inclusions embedded in the slabs during the manufacturing process.

In the presence of natural or artificial light, titanium dioxide oxidizes and degrades numerous bacteria and organic compounds that accumulate on the surface. As a result, the slabs become self-cleaning since the oxidized pollutant particles and pathogens are easily disintegrated and washed away, making Lapitec® particularly suitable for installations requiring stringent standards of hygiene and cleanliness.


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