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Urban - the new finish inspired by four cities

Urban by Lapitec
By Editorial Staff -

A new finish, linked in name and mood to an evocative metropolitan horizon. "Urban" is a new collection of full body sintered stone slabs: a celebration of four iconic cities, each with its distinctive architectural style defining a clearly recognisable aesthetic reality. Available in three thickness - 12, 20, and 30 mm - the new collection further extends the existing range of options. Aesthetically and technically conceived to meet architectural needs, this 2016 collection aims to become the go-to solution for large size surfaces such as building façades, walls, floors and footpaths.
Brooklyn is a revolutionary interpretation of colours and shades of iron alloys. The effect is one of extraordinary chromatic scope, blending spectacular oxidation effects on muted backgrounds: an evocative and richly textured canvas that is reminiscent of authentic Corten weathering steel thanks to the opacity of the surface finish. London is the most metropolitan colour of the new collection because it suggests the mood of the buildings in the British capital: ash grey with hues that draw inspiration from the classic shades of London smog. Columns, stately villas and marble form the aesthetic basis that led the company to create Roma, the third mood proposed by the Urban collection: the colour is a suffused, warm and impeccably elegant cream. Casablanca is an extremely pale and pure ivory finish that recreates the effect of the white buildings of the Moroccan metropolis, famous for their stunning contrast with the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.
In addition to the aesthetic effect, in line with the latest architectural trends, the new Urban finish retains the technical properties of sintered stone: the large size slabs are of calibrated thickness and share identical colours from one lot to the next. Lapitec® is also scratch-proof, non-slip, resistant to low temperatures, salt spray atmospheres and UV radiation. Finally, Bio-Care technology gives the material photocatalytic properties capable of maximising the building's performance in terms of environmental impact.



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