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Comfort and special textures For two different desks

UPeUP X10 eng
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

Office furniture plays a fundamental role in employee well-being. Chairs, desks and storage space are essential in every office, and it is vital when choosing such items to pick pieces that actually match user requirements. The Quadrifoglio Group prioritizes the well-being of every individual employee and so every single product it produces is both ergonomic and practical to ensure the furniture helps the employee to face the day optimally. For example, during a long, tiring day in the office, one really needs to change position frequently, sitting and standing at different times. In its battle against employees being too sedentary, the Quadrifoglio Group designed UP&UP, a collection of desks and benches where the height can be adjusted electrically to easily change position. Each UP&UP model can store up to four different heights and has integrated LEDs that change color to remind the user to change posture throughout the day. These extremely versatile desks are also a perfect match for co-working spaces as a smartphone app ensures desk space can be easily booked at, almost literally, the touch of a button. There are also specifically designed matching storage columns and partitions, available in a range of styles and colors that integrate perfectly into the subtle, crisp aesthetics of UP&UP. The X10 range of executive desks is far more imposing, almost sculpted masterpieces. Born of a joint venture between the Quadrifoglio Group and Dorigo Design, they are both curved and compact, a perfect balance between shape and material. The influence of Fiorenzo Dorigo is evident in the shape of the side, which becomes the focal point for the collection. The inclined, rounded shapes of these desks require real artisan skill. The wood of the top section blends elegantly with the leather finishings to produce a visually powerful effect that dominates any executive office. This probably explains why X10 has been chosen for numerous executive offices around the world.

UP&UP and X10 are designed for profoundly different uses, but both clearly highlight the exceptional care and attention the Quadrifoglio Group takes in producing every single piece of office furniture.

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