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Uniflair Access Floors

Technology and Flexibility

Uniflair Access Floors
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The flexibility and ability to deviate from the original design makes raised or access floors a popular choice for shops, offices, utilities rooms and other spaces where such freedom is almost inevitably needed sooner or later. Such floors also have benefits throughout the construction process, from the original conception, through installation and assembly, to maintenance.

The tubing and piping that run under the floor do not require special building work, can be easily inspected and do not create any barriers for the design and layout of space, so any changes to improve functional usage, adapt to new technologies or cater for a growing organization can be easily and quickly handled.

Schneider Electric’s Uniflair access floors also bring all the advantages of an integrated solution, leveraging the synergies with the company’s solutions for building automation and controls, physical architecture for data centers, power distribution and energy efficiency.

The result is a powerful combination of technology, practicality and aesthetics in a modular, customizable floor that is simple to install and can be used immediately. Available in various sizes, the floor panels have a core of high density wooden chipboard or inert calcium sulphate with galvanized steel backing.

These floors can also be finished with a range of coatings to greatly increase the architectural environments in which they fit naturally, with the panels not looking out of place in historical buildings. Uniflair floors also have numerous benefits for outdoor flooring as they offer creative freedom and ease of installation and maintenance, making them a popular choice for terraces, gardens, playgrounds, pool areas and patios.

For rooms that require deep cleaning and sanitation, such as operating theatres, medical laboratories, clean rooms, restaurants, kitchens and supermarkets, there are also sealed raised floors that combine all the benefits of such access floors, while ensuring the total absence of contamination.


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