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Continuous Flooring for the Roca Gallery in London

Ultratop System
By Editorial Staff -

Mapei cementitious mortar combines superior technical performance with
evident design advantages. The Ultratop
self-levelling system is a perfect example of this blend of practicality and aesthetics, ideal for creating continuous flooring with a natural, material look. As Ultratop is particularly wear and abrasion resistant, the floors it is used for are robust and lasting, even in areas of high footfall and regular washing. This system has special hydraulic binders and an application thickness of between 5 and 40 mm, but it really stands out for how quickly it can be put down. This is especially impressive given it is a viable option for exposed indoor floors in homes, offices, shops or industrial buildings.

Mapei’s systems like this can be given a polished or Venetian terrace finish and they have no joints, making them ideal for those projects in which the aesthetics of the material are paramount, such as in a showroom. Zaha Hadid Architects selected Ultratop for the Roca Gallery in London, a 1,100 sq. m showroom near Chelsea Harbour where this Spanish multinational exhibits its bathroom options. The project develops around the idea of “water” and how - as it flows - it sculpts and marks surfaces and volumes, adding details and producing soft, curving shapes with an unpredictable irregularity. In this case, the design also exploits the color contrast between the white ceiling and walls, on the one side, and the deep grey floor on the other. Visitors are thrust into a grotto sculpted by water, in which the environments develop with a fluidity that is perfectly reflected by the decorative floors, which were made with the Ultratop system and have no joints.

Inside the Roca Gallery, the history of the brand is portrayed through the architecture and technology, highlighting the company’s drive for sustainability and innovation, while never overshadowing the importance of design and wellness.

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