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Ultratop Loft - Interior cement

Ultratop Loft - Interior cement
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The interior design options opened up by cement-based products is making this material an increasingly popular choice, especially when the design requires continuity of colour and materials across floors, furnishings and walls. Of course, cement is also simple and quick to use, but tough and durable.
Mapei’s Ultratop Loft is a cement-based coating that can be applied with a trowel, in layers of about 2 mm, to numerous different horizontal and vertical surfaces. Since it is so durable and abrasion resistant, it is an excellent choice for a home or places with much higher footfall, such as shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries and museums.
The coating system has two products: Ultratop Loft F, a coarse-grained trowelable cement paste, and Ultratop Loft W, a fine-textured cement paste. Both conform to Europe’s EN 13813 standard and can be used with or without a finishing layer, depending on the desired aesthetic effect. Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W come in white and natural (beige, with a hint of brown), but the addition of Ultratop Color Paste - available in yellow, black, red, blue and brown - makes most colours possible.
To protect and waterproof the coating, it is best to apply the products from the Mapefloor Finish range to the Ultratop Loft coating.

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