Ultrabond Turf System - Synthetic Grass Laying System
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Ultrabond Turf System - Synthetic Grass Laying System

Ultrabond Turf System - Synthetic Grass Laying System
By Redazione The Plan -

Synthetic grass is a fast-growing market in both quality and quantity. The result of long research, artificial turf is today made of sophisticated materials, designed for a wide range of uses. If these synthetic grass panels are to express their full potential, however, laying systems and products are of major importance. Mapei has worked with the main synthetic grass manufacturers to produce a complete range of products ensuring efficient, long lasting laying solutions for synthetic playing surfaces.
Synthetic turf surfaces need to withstand extremely wide temperature ranges depending on their geographical location: as much as -26°C in north-east Europe or 40°C and over in countries of the Middle East. For this reason Mapei has subjected all its products to rigorous testing - such as adhesion, mechanical strength and aging - to ensure top-performance applications. Mapei’s Ultrabond Turf System comprises bonding jointing strips - Ultrabond Turf Tape 100 - to join the synthetic grass panels and fix the demarcation lines required by the various sports, and a complete range of adhesives - Ultrabond Turf EP 2K; Ultrabond Turf PU 2K and Ultrabond Turf PU 1K - for the different laying conditions and requirements.


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