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Ultra Matt - Architectural Powder Coatings

Ultra Matt - Architectural Powder Coatings
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Colour is a key element in architectural design, making a building distinct and recognisable or helping to mould its identity and insert it into a specific setting. It can arouse emotions, create meaning and even help interpret a design.
The Bologna-based Inver group has been developing powder coatings since the 1970s, now offering a full range of powder coatings, many of which are Qualicoat and GSB International approved. The colour palette spans the entire array of colours, offering a combination of flexibility, versatility, technical properties and durability (chemical and weather resistance).
As the name suggests, the new Ultra Matt collection, part of the Inver Architectural range, is characterised by its matt and metallic finish, with an almost anodized effect, and a warm, soft feel. These coatings are manufactured with the latest generation of resins, making them highly resistant to the elements and ideal for effects - e.g. a wooden effect - applied using sublimation techniques, providing durability and decorative sharpness.
Ultra Matt coatings are not only suitable for buildings, but also for design objects, especially as new metallic colours can be created to meet design requirements.
All Inverpul powder coatings are simple to use, consisting solely of solid raw materials and no pigments or resins subject to legislative restrictions.
Inver’s five plants in different European countries all strive for responsible production, meeting the most stringent environmental and quality standards.
The group’s research laboratories work hard to meet customers’ needs and provide solutions that have new colours, effects and new coating technologies.


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