Twenty Years of History, Celebrated with an Ode to Water and Steel
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Twenty Years of History, Celebrated with an Ode to Water and Steel

Twenty Years of History, Celebrated with an Ode to Water and Steel
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrodesign has participated in the project

In 1978, Carmelo Magistro founded Rubinetterie Magistro, a faucet business that would be taken forward by his children Elena and Enrico, eventually changing name in 2001 to become Quadro - a merger of two Italian words for water, acqua and idro - and more recently to Quadrodesign. The company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel faucets for kitchens and bathrooms, and this year it is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This is a real milestone that the owners recognize with understandable satisfaction: “From our father, we inherited seriousness and tenacity and, we believe, good products. Rubinetterie Magistro, originally a trade supplier, later began to develop its own lines and a then innovative water purification system that it patented. Today we have incorporated various series into Quadrodesign and created new ones by working with renowned designers”.

The hallmark of this young, dynamic company is an essential, eco-friendly design that translates into a range of sustainable, durable products. Last year, at the Mo.1950 space in Milan, the company opened a flagship store that is an exploration of the brand philosophy and its collections. To celebrate its anniversary in 2021, Quadrodesign has organized a series of initiatives to present the company’s values through the eyes of young video makers, photographers and designers. The first project is a video by director Iacopo Carapelli, entitled An ode to steel and water. This short piece is a mere 88 seconds, but it explores the clangor of metal and the gushing flow of water, in a succession of sounds, images and ideas. “In Quadrodesign’s machines, water and steel merge in sinuous love, giving birth to beautiful, sophisticated design objects”, explains the video maker. Another video will also be released, this time an artistic creation from Luca Caizzi and Francesca Pavoni, and a coffee table book is in the works, obviously involving talented young Italians.

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