Turn-key Solutions for Houses, Hotels and Offices
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Turn-key Solutions for Houses, Hotels and Offices

Turn-key Solutions for Houses, Hotels and Offices
By Redazione The Plan -
Colombini Group has participated in the project

Named after the founding family, the Colombini Group can trace its roots back to 1965 in the Republic of San Marino and today it is a leading firm in the European furniture industry with brands like Rossana, Febal Casa, Colombini Casa, Offic’è, Bontempi Casa, Ingenia and Colombini Group Contract in its stable. It currently has four plants in San Marino for total production area of around 250,000 sq. m and it uses a fully vertical manufacturing process from raw materials procurement to finished products, adopting a highly-automated just-in-time approach.

Colombini Group Contract is the group specialist for turn-key solutions in the residential, tourism and hotel, and offices industries, with the infrastructure in place to provide assistance before, during and after the creation of projects in over 100 countries around the world. Professional experts at Colombini Group Contract directly manage the entire creation process, from the initial quote through planning and production, logistics, technical and sales support, and coordination during installation. Seamless integration through all these phases is the key to realizing projects for the contract sector that merge quality, innovation and design in a blend that has become synonymous with the group.

Colombini Group Contract’s network of agents and specialist distributors in multiple sectors makes it a dependable partner for dealers, customers and general contractors, helping them to find the best furnishing solutions that optimally balance quality and price, uphold the Italian design tradition and also fit with the requirements of the specific market in question.

Potential solutions range from traditional options to innovative layouts designed specifically for special projects like Atom, which was created to cater for fitting out residential micro-units in metropolitan areas, or for new ways of living and working, such as short rental, co-living and co-working.

The company’s portfolio of recent projects includes supplying the furniture in two major residential projects in South Korea that required the installation of 836 and 452 kitchens respectively.

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