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Tunisia by KME Design and Nilufar

Tunisia by KME Design and Nilufar
By Editorial Staff -
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Tunisia is the only chandelier in the world that can be expanded in its long-life – if or when a change of domestic needs can require it – by adding further sections (in any sense: upon or under) to the standard configuration of three elements that is 1 meter and half high. Tunisia can be also transformed in table or floor lamp by using the same chandelier module and a complementary steel tube holder. The Tunisia lighting solutions in KME copper mesh will be soon added by other elements as wall lamps.

Uncommon and unparalleled design, Giacomo Ravagli has conceived Tunisia to “celebrate the atmospheres and the architectures of Milan at its first years of XXth Century, still present in the area around Viale Tunisia/Repubblica/Porta Venezia that is the district I live when I am in town. There, the massive presence of new and bold skyscrapers still gives room to those keen travellers to unhide adorable persistence of older times: community buildings, old hotels, swimming pools and superb endroit – mixing metals, marble, styles and unnumbered abilities of Italian craftsmen. I loved to transfer the signs of these architectures and of the artisanal skills in a highly actual chandelier that is endorsed by an even stronger engineering system. I also strongly looked to read back such a noble metal as copper.

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