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By Editorial Staff -
Poltrona Frau has participated in the project

Poltrona Frau presents TRUST, a collection of desks, self-supporting screens and storage units designed by Lievore-Aitherr-Park. A new office collection for executive spaces. This system was created from a deepen research on the evolution of contemporary work behaviors. In a changing world, the word “sharing” is a new starting point towards an innovative approach to the work environment. Poltrona Frau defines new proposals that want to promote relationships and showcase office designs that foster working methods more suited to the contemporary manager. Openness to dialogue, sharing, flexibility and horizontality, are combined with the tradition and values of Poltrona Frau. A global dialogue that ends up designing new forms for the directional environment and embraces an international and multicultural audience with extreme elegance. All this is against a background of technology, with the trend to working in different environments, the increasingly subtle boundaries between home and office that redefine each other, and the fluidity of scenarios where it is necessary to alternate oases of individual concentration, areas of relaxation and areas of sharing and meeting. TRUST designed by Lievore-Aitherr-Park, reinterprets the values of Poltrona Frau with a unique expressive language: fine and natural materials, craftsmanship, warmth and comfort are combined in an original way with light architectures and aesthetics and the freedom of configurations. The forms are soft, organic, tapered. Everything is made from leather, saddle-leather and wood, revisited to suit the office space. Poltrona Frau has used its material expertise to create Cuoio Saddle Executive, a tougher yet at the same time more malleable and thinner version of saddle ­ leather that is suitable for the fluid geometries of TRUST. Techno Wood is a series of new woods with technical qualities designed specifically for the workspace. The uniformity of the veins and the color makes it possible to integrate the various accessories over time while ensuring the continuity of the surfaces and the absence of typical wood deformities. All TRUST elements can be freely combined to organize interiors, adapting to the working style of the inhabitants. TRUST desks go beyond the idea of a traditional, separate and static desk. The top has no sharp corners, communicating openness and dialogue. The tapered edges facilitate the pasture of the occupant, providing comfortable support. The system comprises two versions, both in three dimensions: lconic, with its wavy and irregular profile, encourages sharing, offering various sides and stations. The Regular variant maintains the classic rectangular form, which it combines with smooth profiles. The horizontal lines of the desks work perfectly with the vertical 'Screen' panels. Thin panels, with flat or curved geometries, which allows to design spaces without closing them. The panels, which can be accessorized with shelves and storage units, are easy to assemble and modular thanks to the self-supporting system to create multiple private areas in the office environment. The TRUST system is completed with two kinds of storage units: The Drawer and the Cabinet. Saddle-leather and leather finishes and Techno Wood surfaces to match the other elements in the collection.

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