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Edited By Redazione The Plan - 14 February 2018

TRINOS, the flexible and long-lived LED industrial luminaire, is the first Zumtobel IP65 trunking system that combines the flexibility of a trunking system with the durability of an IP65 lighting solution. This means that TRINOS allows for precise and top-quality work at operation sites with demanding conditions and high protection requirements. The triple seal protection guarantees maximum resistance, safety and performance at all times.

The TRINOS trunking is made of powder-coated, high-strength aluminium and can therefore withstand extremely high mechanical stresses. The proven split-lens technology ensures homogeneity for the light-emitting surface and reduces glare as well as light pressure. Up to 50 metres of the IP65 continuous row can be installed in one piece. Thanks to an innovative assembly tool and CLIX technology, its installation in industrial halls is quick, simple and safe.