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Trimoterm Power
By Redazione The Plan -
Trimo has participated in the project

Trimoterm facades and roof panels are a universal construction solution for those seeking a high quality fireproof system that is versatile, safe and offers outstanding thermal and sound insulating performance as well as possessing excellent hygienic characteristics. With so many advantages and benefits, Trimoterm is suitable for the widest and most demanding construction applications including energy production, food-processing and the pharmaceutical industry, although it is equally at home as an external façade cladding, internal partition walls, fire walls and ceilings for either leisure, commercial, industrial, hygienic and other facilities.Within the Trimoterm family is also a range of special solutions; Trimoterm Power S and Trimoterm Power T.

Trimoterm Power T is a specialist panel for roof and facade applications, but has been engineered with a much higher thermal insulation. In fact, Trimoterm Power T can reach a U-value as low as to 0.16 W/m2K, and as high as 10 % higher thermal insulation.

Trimoterm Power S is a long spanning facade panel, which due to its design reduces the need for secondary steel construction. Trimoterm Power S has a frame-to-frame spanning capability of up to 10 metres making it extremely versatile.

All Trimoterm panels are distinguished by the many advantages they posses; outstanding quality, fire resistance up to 240 minutes, excellent thermal and sound insulation, the best in class for resistance to water and air tightness and worldwide use on the widest variety of projects. A range of accessories and details are also available as well as a number of panel profiles to meet all design requirements.

To accompany Trimoterm, a BIM (Building Information Modelling) software tool has been developed that ensures fast and efficient design of the building envelope according to latest architecture and construction trends. The tool exists in two variations; ARCHICAD 16 - 20 and Revit 2012 - 2016. The simplicity and precision of the tool enables quick, precise, and aesthetically perfected design of the Trimoterm façade system within a virtual environment, an overview of the parameters, information, and advantages of the chosen system.
It also speeds up the communication with Trimo in the initial phase of design architecture and therefore increases the quality of the architectural realisation.

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