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Trend ORIGINA® by Trend | THE PLAN

TREND Origina® is a material with extremely high technical performance and with absolute aesthetic beauty. Using advanced technology and imaginative design, we will create inspiring surfaces that enable dreams for beautiful and sustainable environments. “Our group is renowned for the the innovative spirit that brought us to become a reference point in the design community in a relatively short time”, says Andrea Di Giuseppe, Global CEO of TREND Group. “Our products represent our commitment to the mission to provide a responsible future for our company, people, customers and planet.” TREND Origina® in addition to containing a high percentage of recycled post-consumption and post-industrial glass, it can be installed on preexisting floors, thereby reducing the waste of material. TREND Origina® has no dangerous volatile organic emissions (VOC) and guarantees the quality of air of indoor environments. Durability, lightness and versatility, are the peculiarities of TREND Origina®, agglomerates made of glass, quartz and granite chips, ideal for flooring and covering applications, such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms and commercial spaces. They are non porous, scratch resistant, tested for sudden temperature changes, for chemicals, and they are UV resistant. All TREND Origina® colors are manufactured at our production plants in the USA and are available in a great variety of sizes, up to the largest 120 x 300 cm size. The water-jet technique and the possibility of curvature of the slab down to a min 70 cm degree-radius offer lots of further creative possibilities. The technical characteristics of TREND Origina® ensure performance excellence, while the wide variety of grains, chromatic combinations and size availability make this material highly versatile.

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