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Transparent Elegance

Natural Colors and Effects for Aluminum Surfaces

Transparent Elegance
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

Imagine natural textures – wood, stone or even marble – but with the esthetics of an aluminum substrate. Such natural combinations are the calling card of Transparent Elegance by Euramax, a range with an extensive color palette that has the perfect solution for any project, even when a custom hue is the order of the day.

This coating system combines a colorless pre-treatment – with no need for a primer – with a semi-transparent topcoat that leaves visible subtle hints of color and the inevitable imperfections in application to produce a highly natural, warm feel.

Puskás Arena, Kötzi Architects, Budapest, Ungheria © Palkó György, courtesy Euramax

Of course, different projects and clients require varying degrees of Transparent Elegance and so this coating has two versions with two different degrees of surface coverage: Living Grade and Fine Grade. The first option leaves more of the natural esthetics of the aluminum substrate visible, highlighting any shading or surface variations in the metal sheet. The latter, by contrast, is a far more uniform, standard esthetic. The range also comes with multiple finishing options, from matte to glossy, to produce a perfect reflective or iridescent effect, depending on the impact of the sun.

Transparent Elegance, gamma cromatica Courtesy Euramax

Transparent Elegance can be applied to aluminum substrates from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm thick, and the coil width is a maximum of 1.600 mm. Ideally, this product is best avoided in harsher climates, such as near the ocean front or in industrial areas.

Euramax’s technical team is also on hand to help clients and architects in defining and formulating the perfect colors and finishes for their projects. Additionally, Euramax’s extensive experience in coatings can be pooled with the expertise of its partners to pick the ideal panels for a job.


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