Trame: 3 tactile effects, one space, infinite combinations
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Trame: 3 tactile effects, one space, infinite combinations

Trame: 3 tactile effects, one space, infinite combinations
By Editorial Staff -
Lea Ceramiche has participated in the project

Trame is a composite project because it brings colours, materials, and shapes together in perfect harmony. 3 basic tactile effects reinterpret 3 different textures, both visually and through the sense of touch.
3 different surfaces (Plaster, Matter, Canvas) created from intense study during the various products’ manufacturing phases and meticulous research led by the desire to offer an immediate and integrated project so that the 3 textures, available in a neutral and harmonious colour palette, may each assume their own contextual use within a single space. Trame is, therefore, a multi-texture and multi-colour project. But that’s not all. Through the use and combination of materials and colours, the implementation of special forms was intentionally introduced so as to further highlight the infinite combinations and installation solutions which the project allows.
Plaster recreates a soft and spatula textured surface; Matter is more rough and opaque, it is the representation of grainy rough concrete; finally Canvas is characterized by a linen texture with a delicate graphic relief that enhances its three-dimensionality. 3 materials declined in 6 different colours offering 18 surfaces and the endless possibilities of mixing together their textures, formats, or both. An opportunity for designers and end consumers to use 3 materials in one colour and size for a continuous and harmonious surface or to create multiple detailed combinations for suggestive and impressive floor solutions.
The approach to the decorative project, led by Diego Grandi Studio, recalls Lea Ceramiche’s hallmark style, expressed through the use and combination of forms, shapes, and geometries. This imposing and varied decorative collection is made up of five new special formats, allowing for the creation of numerous pairings and graphic contrasts, each coherent with the others. The variation of the tactile surfaces is in perfect balance with the soft nuances of colour and the pleasing nature of the structures, creating a dynamic play of shapes and geometries.


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