Tràddel Cyclope by Linea Light
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Tràddel Cyclope by Linea Light

Tràddel Cyclope by Linea Light
By Editorial Staff -
Distinctive light beams are emitted by both down-lighters as well as up and down lighters so that the floor/ground, wall or ceiling is subtly shown off to best advantage.
The Tràddel brand brings together in its collections of lamps all the products of architectural illumination technology: equipment for industries, offices, stores, expository spaces, and all the common and work spaces.
Tràddel stands for reliability over time, thanks to the use of certified and carefully selected materials, also with respect for the environment, with an innovative design and effective technology. New interpretations of light, instruments capable of expressing themselves through diverse types of lamps. Tràddel stands for research, competence, and engineering innovation. A team of professionals who know how to transform ideas into evolved lighting solutions.
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