TownHouse Duomo by Seven Stars Hotel
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TownHouse Duomo by Seven Stars Hotel

TownHouse Duomo by Seven Stars Hotel
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

TownHouse Duomo by Seven Stars Hotel is a recently opened boutique hotel in the heart of Milan with fourteen suites, a restaurant, meeting rooms and a bar with a terrace looking over the square in front of Milan’s Cathedral. 

Twelve suites face onto this square, providing unequalled views of the Cathedral. Each suite was created by a different designer, using design furniture, unique pieces and top-end finishings coupled with cutting-edge automation and lighting technology. The list of designers for the rooms included Jacopo della Fontana D2U, Agostino Danilo Reale, Giovanni Fiorito, Maison Mamì Design by Luigi Ciccarelli, Massimiliano Mandarini, Massimo Magaldi, Matteo Fantoni Studio and Simone Micheli. 

Mapei’s involvement was a combination of know-how and products for Simone Micheli’s Swan Room. Giant images of swans adorn the walls, while in the bathroom, another swan is created using a mosaic with a white background.  

Mapei’s technical advice led to the use of the two-component cementitious adhesive Elastorapid in white for the mosaic. The grouting for the mosaic was done with Ultracolor Plus high-performance grout for joints, especially as it is fast setting and drying. It is also water-repellent with DropEffect® and uses BioBlock® technology to prevent mould build up. 

Finally, Mapei’s two-component, solvent-free, polyurethane adhesive Ultrabond Eco P909 2K was used for the light-coloured parquet. 



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