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Touch&Steam Design and Wellness
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

Effegibi’s Hammam range follows on from its traditional sauna offerings. Now every home shower can be turned into a private yet professional Turkish bath, or an ad hoc system installed in the domestic environment. Effegibi’s in-house Hammam Project offers customers tailor-made planning capability. In this way the hammam, traditionally a place for socialisation, takes on a more intimate, domestic character; the bathroom becomes a place for relaxation, personal care and wellness. Easy to install, Effegibi hammams come in many versatile versions. Modern design combines with functionality and safety of all materials used.
Varied-capacity steam generators, equipped door panels in several finishes, and resin and teak furnishings provide solutions for every home environment.
Touch&Steam, the latest addition to the Hammam range, comes with 23x165 cm white translucent glass panels whose sleek design conceals a complex steam-generating system. Touch-screen controls regulate the amount of steam and hot air released. The glass panels light up in chromotherapy mode. With a generating power range of 3 to 6 kW, Touch&Steam can be installed in all showers or hammam environments.

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