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A Contemporary Vintage Washbasin

By Editorial Staff -
IdealStandard has participated in the project

In 1954, famed Milanese designer and architect Gio Ponti created the Zeta basin, calling it an illusion as the column “pretends” to support a smooth, flat trapezoidal basin. Producing this iconic design was, in Ponti’s own view, a process of subtraction to find the true form. Now, the new Tipo-Z totem basin is a striking, single, fluent reinvigoration of the original. In true Ideal Standard tradition, it is a contemporary reinterpretation fueled by a different viewpoint that owes much to the close collaboration with architectural practice Palomba Serafini Associati. Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba have made a unique addition to the Atelier Collections, which is the line for the company’s most unusual projects, in an amalgam of tradition and innovation.

The Tipo-Z basin has taken Ponti’s original play on vertical elegance and evolved it into the epitome of lightness through more streamlined shapes and the use of a single-piece structure. Requiring specific ceramic manufacturing technology, this decision to use a monolithic fine ceramic structure for the column and basin is the clue to the unique nature of Tipo-Z.

“We have preserved the elegant, iconic nature of Zeta, but reinvented its form using new technologies”, explained Roberto Palomba, co-founder of Palomba Serafini Associati and Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard. The column tapers upwards and then opens into the basin with its sharp, elegant lines to produce a light, subtle effect that is beautifully reflected in the glossy black and white finishes. Established rules of design were played with to recover artisan elements and exalt the human influence in this striking piece.

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