Three Features of a Home Climate Well-Being
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Three Features of a Home Climate Well-Being

Three Features of a Home Climate  Well-Being
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RBM More has participated in the project

Redeveloping the stables of a private villa in Como was an opportunity for More, a division of RBM, to show its commitment to the design and implementation of personalized and efficient solutions for a healthy climate in the home. More provided the technicians and architects with customized consultancy services that proved fundamental in achieving an exceptionally healthy climate in the villa. Two design constraints had to be factored in: the need to connect to the existing heating system and the need not to change the architectural layout of the building significantly. The solutions chosen met the project’s requirements precisely, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round, minimizing noise, eliminating draughts and monitoring everything through an integrated management system. More SET makes it easy to keep all variables under control, from energy consumption, which can thus be optimized, to any losses occurring in the system. In addition, the other technologies where then integrated into this. More FTA provides heating and cooling for all floors in the home using radiant panels characterized by reduced thickness – less than 35 mm – and minimal thermal inertia.

I tre indicatori del Wellbeing  climatico abitativo Carlo Tellaroli

The system can be mounted on the ceiling, a wall or even the floor, as in this case, and can be walked on immediately after installation if necessary, which really speeds up installation times. More Belt is another part of this technology: a perimeter radiant system that can be mounted on baseboards, ceilings and suspended ceilings, providing natural cooling and dehumidification. To manage air quality and humidity, the More VMC system was added and plays a particularly important role in preserving the building’s interior finishes. 

I tre indicatori del Wellbeing  climatico abitativo Andrea Tortelli

Finally, the bathroom is heated using More PAD, a thin, flexible electric radiant heating pad installed in the shower (PAD Indoor).
The same technology is also used as an invisible radiant heater (PAD HV Invisible Heater). Easily installed on walls and floors, More PAD provides adequate heat all year round, regardless of whether the central heating is on or not. In combination, More’s solutions provide practical form for home climate well-being, that is, they make it possible to control the interior climate in a manner that imitates natures. 

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