The Wonders of Home Automation
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The Wonders of Home Automation

The Wonders of Home Automation
By Editorial Staff -
Nice has participated in the project

In 1993, Nice was founded in the small town of Oderzo, not far from the city of Treviso in northern Italy. The company specializes in home automation, home security and smart homes, with a wide range of integrated solutions for automation of gates, garages, solar shading systems, parking systems and wireless and home security systems. The company is active in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Nice’s technical and design teams provide solutions that skillfully blend technology, design, innovation and ease of use. Over the years, its quality standards and security excellence have turned the firm into a virtual spokesperson for Made in Italy as its reach extends to 100 nations around the globe. In 2018, the company embarked on a major acquisition spree in the smart house and home automation sectors, bringing companies into the group that will enable it to pursue new goals, reach new horizons and achieve even better performance levels. It took over Abode Systems, an American firm specializing in smart security solutions for homes and integrated automation; FIBARO, which is also in the smart home industry, but with a wireless and modular ecosystem for connected homes; ACM, specializing in solutions for automation for blinds, shutters and awnings; V2, which produces automation systems for houses and industrial applications; and the Canadian firm Micanan, which has automation solutions for garage doors in commercial and industrial applications. Nice’s mission is to improve the quality of life people enjoy by simplifying their daily lives. To do this, it seeks to ensure people can come and go with complete freedom and security, using practical products with engaging designs. Nice also places great importance on sustainable solutions, finding ways to optimize the natural light and warmth of buildings through automation systems using photovoltaic power. For example, it has options to automate sun shading, using weather sensors that can even control the system remotely. Such solutions also bring a reduction in energy consumption and the related costs.

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