Taltos: The versatility of natural stone
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Taltos: The versatility of natural stone

Taltos: The versatility of natural stone
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Taltos, the firm from Inverso Pinasca (near Turin), grew out of a small marble- and granite-working enterprise. It specializes in cutting natural stone into ultra-thin sheets of high mechanical performance cladding with specially devised backings for indoor and outdoor use, floors and special applications. The natural beauty of the stone is left unaltered except to bring out its veining, colour and mottled variety. Minimal thicknesses down to 3/5 mm, duly reinforced, are provided in large formats (3-4 sq. m.). The reinforcement/backing used by Taltos enables architects to use such stone even in revolutionary contexts. With their lightness and their resistance to compression and flexing, Taltos products can be employed on ships, aircraft, lightweight façades, mobile partitions and false ceilings.
Classica is a cured stone strengthened on the back by a copyright process imparting high mechanical resistance even a weak points like veining or irregularities. Folio is an ultra-thin sheet, again treated and reinforced on the back with epoxy resin and various kinds of backing: fibreglass, stretched steel sheeting, carbon fibre. In thickness (from 5 mm) it is a mere third or quarter the size of a traditional stone product, thus enormously saving on weight and space. It comes in modules or sheets, including large formats, and can be worked with normal marble and granite equipment. It is equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use, floors or walls, cladding, finishing, décor or lightweight façades.
Applying Folio to str uctural panelling, such as aluminium honeycomb, calcium silicate and fire-proof panels, gave rise to Multi which is ideal for more technological indoor purposes: lining ships and aircraft, partition walls and panels, tables, tops in general, temporary displays.
Quartz is the Taltos masterpiece: a product obtained from the thinnest of stone sheets twinning with an extra-clear glass pane. It generally comes in sheet form and can be worked with standard glass-cutting equipment. Ideal for rear-lit partitions, doors, counters, false ceilings and decorative motifs, it may be used indoors and, with some constraints, out of doors as well.


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