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The Syntesis® - System Pocket sliding systems for any setting


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 5 November 2012

The wonderful old Lanificio Paoletti wool processing plant in Follina (Treviso province), originally from the time of the Venetian Republic, was the setting for an exhibition entitled “Babel” about Paolo Loschi, a painter from Treviso. This in turn was the backdrop for various models in Eclisse’s Syntesis® System. The venue highlighted both the link with the local manufacturing tradition and the drive towards research and experimentation. Syntesis® Line and Syntesis® Luce could be seen in relation to the structure of the buildings and the colours and materials used in the paintings, fabrics and yarns. In such a context, it was clear that the clean, straight lines of Syntesis® allow it to be used in any setting. The jamb and architrave free structure of Syntesis® means these doors can fit unobtrusively into the wall, picking up on the colours and patterns. The hinged version of Syntesis®, available in a raw version with primer or in raw polyester, provides the option of a traditional door that sits flush with the wall, without any jambs or architraves.
Syntesis® Luce, a combination of looks and functionality, is pre-fitted with wiring conduits, allowing up to 10 electricity points per door.
All the Syntesis® systems are available for solid or stud walls, with non-standard sizes possible. Vertical reinforced bars, reinforced joints and a strengthened bracket system ensure all the models are robust, creating a perfect combination of design, resistance and efficiency.


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