The Petruzzelli Opera House
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The Petruzzelli Opera House

The Petruzzelli Opera House
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Closed since a devastating fire on 27th October 1991, Bari’s Petruzzelli Opera House opened its doors once again in October 2009. Mapei participated in a rebuilding programme that entailed new masonry construction, restoring the foyer, upgrading plant and services, exterior finishing work, interior re-fitting and refurbishing and meeting safety regulations throughout. Mapei’s expertise was especially useful when it came to the exterior finishing where two problems had to be solved: the many and varied underlying support materials and the exact choice of colour for the finished surface. The original facades had undergone piecemeal restoration over the years and so had a patchwork of different plaster and paint overlays, as well as the scars left by the fire. To obtain absolute uniformity of shade on an underlayer made up of so many different materials with different absorption coefficients, Mapei developed a new range of products. One of these, Silexcolor Base Coat, a potassium silicate primer-filler, provided a uniformly coloured undercoat. This was then painted with “Rosso Petruzzelli” Silexcolor Paint, a new shade developed to comply with cultural heritage requirements after in-depth study of the various layers of paint already on the facades. “Rosso Petruzzelli” is now a permanent feature of Mapei’s standard colour chart.


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