The Park Lane Hotel, New York: an ode to past and present
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The Park Lane Hotel, New York: an ode to past and present

The iconic hotel overhauls its interiors, while preserving and enhancing its soul

PBDW Architects | Yabu Pushelberg

The Park Lane Hotel, New York: an ode to past and present
By Redazione The Plan -

Incomparable views of Central Park combined with a captivating, quirky atmosphere that honors the original spirit of the hotel – PBDW Architects and Yabu Pushelberg's (interior design) overhaul of New York’s Park Lane Hotel combines modern charm with a touch of extravagance. It’s an ode to both past and present that combines the indulgence of a stay with the pleasures of the palate and discovering the Big Apple. And discovering the city begins in the hotel itself, with large murals that pay homage to the city, Central Park, as well as its wildlife through a reinterpretation of A Carnival of Animals.


An extravagant hotel in the heart of Manhattan


With its main entrance between Fifth and Sixth Avenues on Central Park South, the Park Lane occupies a prime location in the heart of Manhattan. Its rooms and rooftop lounge directly overlook Central Park, offering panoramic views not only of the park but also the Upper East and West Sides. Ideal for guests who want to get to know the city, the hotel is in walking distance of Broadway, Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art, and other buildings that have been written into the pages of New York’s history.

The starting point of Yabu Pushelberg’s project was to narrate the identity of the place. The designers therefore immersed themselves in the hotel’s vibrant history to reinvent the image of its interiors with a dynamic design that doesn’t restrict itself to simple aesthetic impact but sets out to create an emotionally engaging experience. Their research gave them an appreciation of the unique features of the place that have influenced its evolution over the years.

In its eclectic design project, the studio has included references to Manhattan and its history, presenting the distinctive characteristics of the city in various forms and in various parts of the building. In this way, original elements, such as chandeliers and wall lamps, were reinvented by combining them with furnishings that are both exuberant but balanced in their colors.


Park Lane, New York: a contemporary style icon

 ©Alice Gao

Besides the stylish guestrooms – some of which feature light and some dark colors, but always in subtle combinations – the dining areas play a key role in the Park Lane experience. There are three bar-restaurants located in various parts of the hotel, each offering a different mood according to different needs, the time of day, and the intimacy of the occasion. The most panoramic of the three is certainly the Darling bar on the 47th floor, high above the treetops of Central Park.

Marked by a lively modernity, the synergy between the original qualities and distinctive nature of the Park Lane has seen the hotel reassert itself as a contemporary style icon. With a modern approach to design combined with a focus on heritage, Yabu Pushelberg has rekindled the building’s identity by celebrating its history.


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Location: New York, USA
Architect: PBDW Architects
Interior design: Yabu Pushelberg
Photography by Adrian Gaut and Alice Gao, courtesy of Yabu Pushelberg

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